Anna Herve

My name is Anna Herve, I am a pluridisciplinary designer based in France. I evolve in a user centered, innovative, curious and touch-every-day environment.

After a Bachelor in Applied Arts, I studied with passion graphic design for two years and multimedia for a year. Then, I joined L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique where I opened myself to innovative design and management in cross-disciplines projects.

I worked for Suez Group and Orange Labs.
Creator of Kumbu design, I proudly make progress UX, brand and visual communication of the product since 2015.

From concept to development, I made brands, ad campaigns, editions and websites. I designed user experience for web and mobile interfaces.

I would be pleased to talk with you about work, design, TV shows, gaming, music and whatever!

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Paris Climat 2015
#Illustration #Advertising #Contest #WWF
Remembrance, representation
& digital translation
#Essay #Illustration #Edition #Binding #Memories
Writing - Book
#Design #Research #Identity #Motion #Poster
Brand - Video demo - Posters
#Design #UX #UI
Brand - Webapp with Chrome extension - Mobile app